On behalf of the stellar educators and staff at UMC High School who year after year help make our students realize their dreams of outstanding achievement, I would like to welcome all of you to what will surely be another exciting and rewarding year at the school.

This year, we give you the same promise and commitment that we have provided to the many thousands of students who have attended UMC high school for the last 20 years who went on to accomplish great things upon graduation.

It is said that time is so vast and infinite that it is inconceivable that all could but grab more than their share of it, yet so fleeting and finite that it is a foregone certainty that none could ever secure enough. Likewise, choosing the right high school and the right high school education could be an opportunity that may come and go long before it is ever seized.

That is why we want to commend our returning students for making that consequential decision already and it is why we congratulate our new students for making the right choice of becoming UMC High School students this new academic year.

We believe that with the help and guidance of our dedicated educators and staff, all of whom are professionals of the highest caliber combined with your effort and determination to succeed,Β  the possibilities to achieve are endless and your future bright.

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