New issue of The Maddy magazine (vol. 2 no.2) now available online


In a celebration of creativity and expression, UMC High School proudly presents its latest edition of the school magazine – ‘The Maddy.’ This edition is not just a magazine; it’s a canvas that captures the essence of our students’ unique voices, ideas, and literary flair.

From insightful reflections on personal experiences to capturing moments through the lens of photography, each piece reflects the diversity of perspectives within our school community. This edition serves as a testament to the power of creative expression. Our students have fearlessly explored their imagination, using words as a medium to convey emotions, dreams, and aspirations. The magazine becomes a dynamic platform for artistic freedom, allowing students to experiment with language and narrative styles.

UMC High School believes in fostering a culture of writing, where students feel empowered to share their thoughts and ideas. The magazine stands as a symbol of this commitment, encouraging students to embrace their unique voices and contribute to the academic richness of our school community. As we unveil this new edition, we invite everyone to immerse themselves in the pages of creativity and imagination.

To UMC High School Students: Send us your writing!
It could be published on the next release of The Maddy. We accept essays, short stories, poems, plays scripts, short memories/reflections, and art pieces (photography/illustrations).

Email your writing/artwork to Mr. Sunny or Ms. Danna at:

We look forward to receiving your work!

New issue of The Maddy magazine (vol. 2, no. 1) now available online


We’re delighted to announce the latest edition of our school magazine, The Maddy, is out now! The supervisors of ‘The Maddy,’ Mr. Sunny & Ms. Danna, expressed their belief in our students’ diverse talents, spanning from poetry to short stories, academic essays to book reviews. Recognizing the need to share these poignant and evocative works beyond the classroom, ‘The Maddy’ was born, a platform for these exceptional talents to be appreciated by the entire school community.

‘The Maddy’ is not just any school magazine; it’s a platform for UMC High School students to express their creativity, share their thoughts, and be heard by the entire school community. We believe that every student has a unique voice and perspective that deserves to be celebrated.

New issue of The Maddy magazine (vol.1 &2) now available online


Welcome to ‘The Maddy” – UMC High School’s First School Magazine.

The high school student leaders officially released the first magazine of the school. This was a pioneering action by the leadership team of the school. It is a policy of the school to empower its students to give them the task of leading and pioneering, taking little tender steps in to responsibility as a symbol of their future endeavours.

The supervisors of The Maddy, Mr. Sunny & Ms. Danna mentioned that our students are capable of producing a range of works, from poetry to short stories, from academic essays to book reviews. We thought that such talent should be shown beyond the classrooms; these poignant and evocative works should be read by everyone in the school. And so The Maddy was born.

New Partnership – York University

Upper Madison College/UMC High School (UMC) is pleased to announce a new partnership with York University’s English Language Institute (ELI) to support pathway students to ELI programs. High-school graduates with high intermediate to advanced language skills but not enough to meet language proficiency requirements may complete UMC’s EAP Term 1 and provide an acceptable ELP test score equivalent to IELTS 6.0 to be granted entry to Term 2 of the YU Bridge program or Destination York program (if they received a conditional offer to one of York’s undergraduate programs).

The YU Bridge Program allows students to combine Academic English classes, tutorials, and for-credit courses simultaneously toward an undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, Science, Health, Environmental Studies, Lassonde School of Engineering, and School of Arts, Media, Performance and Design (up to one 3-credit course for those enrolled in the 4-month option).

For more information, please contact our guidance counsellors or pathway coordinator.

Reporting Middle School Student’s Absences, Late, and Early Dismissal


Dear UMC Middle School Parents and Guardians,

As your partner in educating your child, the school is concerned that absenteeism may cause some difficulties that could lead to academic problems in the future.

If your child, for any reason, is not coming to school, we ask that you inform the school as soon as possible (preferably prior to the start of school day) as we concern about student’s safety more than anything else

We also request Parents/guardians to report late arrivals as a full-day absence. When a student arrives, they are expected to sign in at the office and staff make the amendment in our attendance system.

When a student leaves early, again they are expected to sign out (with parental permission) and again the amendment is made in our system. This method allows us to best track student attendance to ensure safety.

The school has a responsibility to ensure that all students arrive safely. If a student does not arrive by 9:00 a.m. and a parent has not phoned the school, someone will call the student’s home and emergency contact to inquire into their absence.


By Phone:

  • 416-438-0707 – EXT 101 Front Office
  • 416-438-0707 – EXT 108 Admin Office
  • 416-438-0707 – EXT 113 Teachers Office

By Email:

Please send an email to school: admin@umchighschool.com prior to the start of school day (8:45 AM), indicating the student’s full name, reason and period of absence.

Here is a sample message parents can leave on school telephone or email when a child will miss school: This is < your name >. My child < her or his name > is sick today. She or He is in Grade < 6 – 12 >. Her/ His teacher’s name is < teacher’s name >.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us

Thank you so much for your support!


Please contact our regional counselors or student advisors for further assistance.

Principal’s Welcome Message


On behalf of the stellar educators and staff at UMC High School who year after year help make our students realize their dreams of outstanding achievement, I would like to welcome all of you to what will surely be another exciting and rewarding year at the school.

This year, we give you the same promise and commitment that we have provided to the many thousands of students who have attended UMC high school for the last 20 years who went on to accomplish great things upon graduation.

It is said that time is so vast and infinite that it is inconceivable that all could but grab more than their share of it, yet so fleeting and finite that it is a foregone certainty that none could ever secure enough. Likewise, choosing the right high school and the right high school education could be an opportunity that may come and go long before it is ever seized.

That is why we want to commend our returning students for making that consequential decision already and it is why we congratulate our new students for making the right choice of becoming UMC High School students this new academic year.

We believe that with the help and guidance of our dedicated educators and staff, all of whom are professionals of the highest caliber combined with your effort and determination to succeed,  the possibilities to achieve are endless and your future bright.