It is the responsibility of UMC High School students to understand federal and provincial laws and regulations before planning to arrive in Canada. Students are recommended to review official government websites regularly for up-to-date information.

Students are strongly encouraged to make use of the ArriveCan App, which makes it easier to provide mandatory information upon entering Canada.


Eligibility to Travel

Any international student with COVID-19 symptoms will not be allowed to board their flight to Canada. If symptoms occur upon arrival, a health assessment will be performed by a PHAC Officer and the individual may not be able to enter Canada, or if necessary, the individual may be transported to a hospital for a medical examination. Among other requirements to be granted entry into Canada, an international student will be required to demonstrate to a Border Services Officer, or PHAC Officer, that they have a suitable plan for quarantine in place; otherwise, they may be refused entry. Any international student who is found to be involution of the mandatory 14-day quarantine period may be penalized under Canadian law. Students are required to sign an attestation confirming their understanding of their post-arrival quarantine requirements.

UMC High School has submitted our application and expect to be added to the list in the near future. We have developed a comprehensive COVID-19 Readiness Plan and are currently waiting for our provincial and federal Governments to approve the plan. 

Note: Immigration information may change anytime without notice. Always refer to the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada website for the most up-up-date information.

Preparing to Travel

UMC High School will provide necessary information and support to international students destined to their institution in order to help them understand and manage current health restrictions and guidance. Guidance will be available to and applicable to all international students.

UMC High School recognizes that a student who is new to Canada, or the specific community where they will be living and studying, may not be familiar with the resources available to them. International students will be provided with support resources and orientation information that not only helps them familiarize themselves with their new community, but also provides information on how to comply with current public health requirements, including expectations while the 14-day mandatory quarantine period upon their arrival. Such information will be provided to international students and their co-arriving family prior to their departure from their home countries and upon arrival, as appropriate.

Get Your Documents in Order

In addition to the documents you need to bring with you when traveling to Canada, UMC High School will provide you with a supporting letter to present to the border services officer at the Canadian port of entry. We will provide this to you only after you have submitted your:

  • Valid study permit or a Study Permit Approval Letter
  • 14-day Quarantine Plan
  • Students Pledge on COVID-19
  • Flight Information

Download the ArriveCAN App

Upon arrival, students and co-arriving families are strongly recommended to conduct self-assessment using ArriveCAN mobile app. or the COVID-19 assessment checklist included in the orientation package prior to meet the UMC High School rep. who are waiting for them outside of the exit gate at the airport and go to the quarantine accommodation. Should any symptoms are developed, students and co-arriving family are required to inform the UMC High School rep. immediately.

Quarantine and Student Covid-19 Vaccine policy

Per government of Canada instructions and guidelines, all international students must provide a quarantine plan to be eligible to enter Canada. As such, all UMC High School students, whether fully vaccinated or not are required to have a quarantine plan which is specifically approved for UMC High School as a DLI. This plan is pre-arranged by the school and is pre-paid for by students who must use only that plan as a conditional requirement to enter and study in Canada.

Any fully vaccinated students who may wish to have their own quarantine plan must submit their plan at least 2 weeks prior to arrival. Such quarantine plans must meet the same standards specified by UMC High school’s quarantine policy. All quarantine plans must be submitted to the school for verification and approval. For more information, please contact our student counsellors at

Medical Care Protocols

As per the Ministry of Education guideline, all students must have insurance coverage. UMC High School will make sure all students have the health-care coverage that includes COVID-19 coverage in Canada. The students can purchase the insurance through the school or outsource before their departure.

Transportation Protocols

UMC High School will provide the student and co-arriving family members private transportation from the airport, or initial point of arrival in the local community to their place of quarantine.


Mandatory 14-day Quarantine Period

Students are NOT allowed to leave their homestay for 14 days after their arrivals.

During the Quarantine, if the student shows symptoms, UMC homestay coordinator and/or Student Support Team will call the nearby COVID-19 Assessment Centre to make an appointment for the student. Transportation will be arranged by the school at the student’s own cost. Where there are additional costs or fees charged by UMC to students as a result of any plan, UMC will ensure and confirm with students in writing.

Information about the COVID-19 Testing procedure and the list of COVID-19 test centers near UMC High School will be provided to students and their parents/custodians via email (Appendix E). The student should be isolated while waiting for the result of the COVID Test.

COVID-19 Test

UMC High School’s international students whom have entered Canada are required to do the COVID-19 test at least once prior to the start of their studies. The COVID-19 testing may take place on the 14th day of quarantine to allow students to fully complete the 14-day quarantine period without needing to leave to seek a test unless students develop any COVID-19 related symptoms during the quarantine period.

UMC High School will facilitate the COVID-19 testing for students including making an appointment for the COVID-19 testing and arranging the transportation to and from one of the testing centers.


Ongoing Communication and Resources

UMC High School will have ongoing communication and resources on COVID-19 and important documents and updated information regarding the infection prevention strategies will be translated into different languages and sent to ALL students and co-arriving family members through email, electronic course calendar on the school website, and social network postings in addition to the Resource Desk located at the front desk. Any updated rules will be distributed throughout the school in form of posters, signs, or announcements on the P.A. system.


Please continue to check this site and your email regularly for the latest information. UMC High School’s official social media feeds also provide important updates. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.