UMC High School Arts Program allows students to develop their portfolio in yearlong weekday and weekend classes, as well as private lessons. It is recommended to begin this process in early high school years to develop drawing, painting, and design skills and become proficient at all art media before beginning portfolio development in their junior year.

We evaluate past artwork that has been created to date and assess what pieces can be used toward their portfolio. A starting point is determined so we can gauge the amount of new work that needs to be created. A time frame is established to know how often and how long the student should be attending our portfolio classes.

At the culmination of the artwork, our services complete the process with photographing the students work and uploaded to SlideRoom, put on a CD, or turned into digital photo books. Portfolio descriptions must accompany all completed artwork.

Portfolio program includes:

– 8 professionally taught sessions and 6 studio hours per week
– Students earn an art credit per semester


PORTFOLIO CLASS - 4 sessions
ART CLASS - 2 sessions





* Portfolio Art Classes

The course will include Perspective drawing, color, basic drawings and observation drawings. the instructors begin the process by placing a large emphasis on drawing skills, mastering composition, and building up colour skills through strong colour study . Design and creation of the actual pieces then follows.

* Portfolio Workshop

The course will also include activities and excursions in the local area, group critiques, and discussions. Students will have the opportunity to present their ongoing projects in group critiques as well as having individual one-on-one critiques with the Portfolio Development Coordinator/Instructor and other faculty.